One of World Wide Trekking’s founding principles is giving back to the places we travel. Through our sister non-profit, Human Outreach Project, we are making a difference in lives around the globe, and connecting trekkers with voluntourism opportunities in local communities. These opportunities vary widely in scope, from cleaning up local wildlife areas to helping build furniture for an orphanage to providing high-skill medical aid in a foreign country. Voluntourism participants are diverse but typically share a desire to make a positive difference while also experiencing new places and challenges in locales they might not otherwise visit.

Find out more below about our current projects.

Human Outreach Project in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Kids Community

In 2009, we began construction on our proudest achievement, the Kilimanjaro Kids Community. This 4-acre orphanage sits in the shadow of Kilimanjaro and currently houses 12 Tanzanian children and 4 full-time staff.

Makuyuni School Lunch Program

HOP has been providing daily school lunches for the 850 children at Makuyuni Primary School for over a year, as well as donating school supplies and sports equipment.

Women’s Empowerment

The Mama Na M’toto group formed from a number of women in the village of Mto wa Mbu who wanted to empower themselves. HOP has supported their group by providing start-up funds for a batik clothing business which is quickly becoming profitable and self-sustaining.

Bima’s Rice and Beans

When WWTrek porter Bimanicha Kilugala approached Dean about starting his own start-up, Dean gladly agreed to help out. Since then, Bima’s business has been growing, and he is providing rice and beans to the children at the KKC!

Human Outreach Project in Peru

Pashpa Chocolatada Festival

In 2014, HOP began sponsoring the annual Chocolatada festival in Pashpa Village, Peru. This village sits at the gateway to the many alpine adventures in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca, and we are happy to support its residents with gifts and holiday cheer!

Pashpa Computer Center

In 2016, we expanded our outreach in Peru by building a solar-powered computer center in Pashpa and in the nearby village of Huaripampa. With this computer center, we are connecting a remote village to the world and empowering them to improve their community’s health, economy, and future.

Huaripampa Computer Center

After the success of the Pashpa computer center, we reached out to the nearby village of Huaripampa, where our plans to construct a computer center were welcomed with enthusiasm.

Human Outreach Project in Nepal

Ang Pasang and Nepalese Children

Just a year after Dean and Ang Pasang summited Everest together, Pasang died tragically in an avalanche. Dean decided to do whatever he could to help Pasang’s orphaned children. HOP has set up educational funds for them, and is happy to see Pasang’s oldest child starting university.

Namche Dental Clinic

Namche Dental Clinic is the only dental clinic in the Khumbu Valley, and lies right on the trekking route to Everest Base Camp. With the help of World Wide Trekking guests, HOP has trekked in thousands of pounds of dental supplies over the years.

Himalayan Rescue Association

HOP has supported the Himalayan Rescue Association’s mission by donating medical supplies and partnering with the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism to rebuild the remote Manang medical clinic.

Juving Secondary School

In Juving Village, which lies just off of the Everest trekking route, HOP has installed a solar powered computer center, a PA system, an industrial water filter, and provided the school with trained teachers for a year.

Human Outreach Project in the USA

Veterans Outreach Project

HOP is proud to support 30 local veterans and their families with deliveries of food and gift cards during the holiday season.

HOP Outdoors

HOP Outdoors runs summer hiking trips in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains for underserved local children. Kids who, through economic or social factors, don’t have access to Utah’s natural environment have the chance to get outdoors and build a healthy connection with nature.