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Who Is World Wide Trekking?

World Wide Trekking stands as a beacon of adventure travel, prioritizing safety, comfort, and community impact in every expedition we undertake. With a legacy lasting over 15 years, we offer unparalleled experiences designed to transform and inspire. Join us on your next journey, meticulously crafted for optimal enjoyment and success. From traversing the legendary trails of Everest Base Camp to embarking on thrilling African safaris, scaling the heights of Kilimanjaro, or hiking to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu, our global expeditions promise unforgettable adventures. We believe in the power of small details to elevate the overall experience– why we meticulously curate thoughtful itineraries aimed at providing the most enjoyable and successful treks possible. From our dedicated in-office staff to our experienced mountain guides, World Wide Trekking is committed to guiding you every step and providing memories to last a lifetime.

Some of Our Best Adventures.

We venture to the world’s most spectacular places working to create memorable and life-changing experiences for our guests. Whether you trek in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, or North America, we promise to provide a safe, comfortable, and adventure-filled journey. 

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World Wide Trekking.

Xerife Kimura
Xerife Kimura
Dean and his team put together a fantastic trekking experience. The trails they selected were just right, with one stunning view after another. The hotels were first rate, and the food was amazing. The guides Tina and Matt did a great job of coordinating the transfers, handling the logistics and managing the schedule, all while keeping an eye on everyone. It was super fun hiking with kindred spirits and sharing the experience with them. Looking forward to future trips with WWT.
Kurt Dobbins
Kurt Dobbins
An unforgettable destination and a journey of a lifetime. Dean, Thank you again for your exceptional leadership and guidance on the October 1-14 2023 Everest Base Camp trek. Given your vast experience, history, and knowledge, the entire trek was a journey of a lifetime. You taught us to live in the moment and enjoy each day as we ascended. Clearly the trek is not just about Everest Base Camp. The entire trek was an amazing and surreal journey, where every day kept getting better. What a philosophy to apply to our everyday lives! From Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter logistics to every tea house visit, your knowledge, friendships, relationships, and local team you have cultivated really was exceptional. Your commitment to safety and quality experience really made a difference. I can’t imagine trekking with any other guide or company. In particular, having Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar to ourselves was a remarkable achievement and something I will never forget. Your experience and strategy made that happen. Thank you again for all you do. Safe journeys ahead.
Jayson Terdiman
Jayson Terdiman
I had the pleasure of traveling to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in June of ‘23, taking part in the HOP pre-trip for the annual Climb 4 Kids. What an amazing experience! Visiting both the Makayuni and Embukoi Schools were eye opening and humbling, serving the lunch program at the latter was a truly rewarding experience. To see the students light up when it was time to eat, brought so much joy from such a simple gesture. Spending time at and getting to know the kids of the KCC was something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. The trip was incredible and I’m so glad I was able to engulf myself in the culture of Tanzania!
Rod Newman
Rod Newman
What an absolutely great trip and Paul and Dean are the best. I have been to 30+ % of the world and they have shown me that they are the best. I will be on another adventure with them for Sure. Thanks Dean and All
patrice reilly
patrice reilly
I recently enjoyed my 3rd trip with World Wide Trekking and stand in awe of the quality experience they consistently create for their guests. It starts at the top , with the owner who truly loves exploring the world and curating high quality adventures for quests . As a result, we enjoy memorable, safe, successful and FUN experiences ! In any interaction with the company, I always feel that every employee is genuinely dedicated to creating the best possible experience for me. WW trekking is a class act at every level and my life has been enriched by the experiences I have had traveling with them.I highly recommend them for any adventure!
Ed Davies
Ed Davies
Great experience with qualified guides
Cindy McConnell
Cindy McConnell
This was my 3rd trip with WW Trekking. Wonderful hikes through the majestic Alps. As a longtime backpacker and used to planning my own trips it is such a treat to be pampered. This was 5 star “glampping” Thank you Dean!!
Rhonda Walker
Rhonda Walker
I'm really not sure where to begin. This review is not going to be about the amazing Everest Base Camp trip that was just completed on 11/6/22 through Stanford Travel Study, that my boyfriend and I were scheduled to take. He did complete the trek, unfortunately, I did not. The altitude sickness medication interfered with my blood sugar and I became severely dehydrated, despite drinking the recommended 2L-3L of water. This caused me to become dizzy and even blacked out 3 times. Additionally, I came down with food poisoning. I did not even complete day 1! However, Dean and his team were amazing in getting me back to the hotel in Kathmandu, making sure I was safe and checking on me constantly. Once I was feeling better, Giljan from his team in Kathmandu, took me sightseeing. I was also assisted by a tour guide they use, locally. You can always right great things about the trek, but it says something about the company, Dean and his team when things did not go as expected. World Wide Trekking is an amazingly compassionate company with great staff that gives back. If you want to judge this company by the great treks, by all means do so. Their reviews are outstanding, but you know the heart of the company when things don't go as planned. You will not be disappointed or go wrong booking a trip with World Wide Trekking. We hope to do so again in the future. Thanks Dean, Brian, Matt, Giljan and the whole team at World Wide Trekking!
LeeAnn Lewis
LeeAnn Lewis
Just did my 5th trip with World Wide Trekking - Alps Matterhorn to Mont Blanc . Owner/guide Dean is exceptional. Takes care of everything. Great blend of hikes. Already planning next adventure!
Jason Scaglione
Jason Scaglione
Incredibly kind crew of guides who were flexible with plans and willing to help every step of the way to make it a memorable trip!

Commitment to Safety

With a stringent commitment to safety as our number one priority, we guide our guests through a rewarding and comfortable travel experience. We travel all over the world and ensure that our guests have a safe and rewarding travel experience no matter where we go. In fact, we possess one of the highest safety records in the field, doing daily medical checks along each high-altitude trek we take. Our adventures are led by professional, medically-certified western guides and supplemented by the very best English-speaking local guides available.

Commitment to Luxury

At World Wide Trekking, the word luxury encompasses all aspects of your adventure from accommodations and lodging, to the food you eat during your trek, to the vehicles that transport you to and from your incredible destinations. Our level of service and attention to detail set us apart. We are committed to providing a truly remarkable travel experience rarely found elsewhere. We focus on all the tiny details — because they matter.

Commitment to Giving Back

Through guiding, Dean Cardinale witnessed first-hand the poverty and scarce resources in the communities which welcomed him. He made a commitment to include humanitarian efforts as a component of all future expeditions. In 2007, this commitment led to the formation of Human Outreach Project (HOP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization which now seeks to empower communities and children year-round, not just when our guests are in town.

Dean cardinale portrait

Dean Cardinale

I want to personally thank you for visiting our website. World Wide Trekking began in 2006, founded from a desire to share my passion for adventure travel. My experience includes over twenty years of traveling, trekking, and guiding all over the globe. We want to share the world with you and help you to accomplish your goals. We offer a unique travel experience and a level of personalized service that one rarely finds.

My team and I assure you that we will be with you every step of the way. As an avid adventurer, I understand the stresses and excitement that coincide with travel. Please feel free to contact me personally, at any time, regarding any questions you may have or if you simply want to touch base about a trek or adventure.

Above all, we truly believe that your experience lies at the heart of our adventure. We know each guest is different and has unique desires, so please, let us make your adventure what you’ve always dreamed of.


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Human Outreach Project

The Human Outreach Project was created to help show our appreciation and love for the places we trek while making sure to leave a positive impact on the people within those communities. With your help, we can continue to give back to the places and people that mean the most to us.