Ready to venture into the country of endless plains, roaming African wildlife, and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world? We know that planning a climb to Africa’s tallest mountain can be overwhelming, so let us handle all of the details for you! Here are the top reasons to choose World Wide Trekking for your adventure.



We have a 98% success rate on Kilimanjaro! With medically trained Western guides, a pace built for successful acclimatization, and close attention to detail and comfort, WWtrek will help you enjoy the journey of summiting Kilimanjaro. Our guests have ranged in age from 10-75 years old, so we truly can help anyone attain this momentous achievement.



Anything is possible, and everything is customizable with WWTrek. Our main goal is to help you succeed! We are experts at attending to details and adjusting itineraries to make the seemingly impossible become attainable. We are in inclusive adventure travel company and have worked with many diverse groups throughout the years. From customizing adaptive sports itineraries to performing wedding ceremonies on the summit, we can turn your dreams into reality.



One of World Wide Trekking’s founding principles is giving back to the communities in which we travel. Our sister non-profit, the Human Outreach Project, makes a difference in lives around the globe and has a number of diverse projects in Tanzania. During your adventures, you will have the opportunity to visit the Kilimanjaro Kids Community, one of HOP’s proudest achievements. The KKC is an orphanage that is home to 12 Tanzania children and 6 full-time staff. Other Tanzanian HOP projects include the Makuyuni School Luch Program, a program that provides daily school lunches to 950 students, and the Mama Na M’Toto Women’s Empowerment Group.



We have built familial and professional relationships with local guides, educators, and porters in Tanzania. As these relationships have flourished, these individuals have truly become an integral aspect of our successful operations. We are proud to partner with them, respect them, pay them well and cherish the local knowledge and experience they bring to our trips. Our commitment to comfort and safety always extends to our employees. We provide them with top-notch equipment and care so they are able to focus on doing their jobs; creating the perfect travel experience for you.



If climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro isn’t your plan, no problem! We specialize in countless Tanzanian experiences and can tailor each one to your specifications. From witnessing 6 million hooves cross the plains during the Great Migration to relaxing on the sand of Zanzibar Island, we promise to create your perfect Tanzanian adventure. At WWTrek, no detail is too small. We have personally scouted each lodge and restaurant that we send our guests to and have carefully cultivated relationships over the years with the locals to ensure a truly remarkable travel experience!



From your very first call or online inquiry, you will experience a warm welcome from our knowledgeable travel experts. We will get to know you, keep track of all travel requirements for you, and be available to answer questions at any time. Each guest will be given valuable information specific to their trip on our trek tips Youtube series, as well as a complimentary fitness and nutrition training program with consultations from a professional trainer to help you prepare. Our commitment to our guests is second to none, and we truly care about ensuring each trip is a seamless experience that creates lifelong memories.