Guest spotlight – Lyle & Doug – Sailing in The BVI

Ever wonder what it’s like to snorkel off of a tropical island with the love of your life? For Lyle & Doug, sailing in the BVI sounded to them like the perfect honeymoon. L&D wanted to travel with WWTrek on a private custom trip to celebrate their honeymoon. They wanted to go to the BVI, the most relaxing place on earth. Lyle & Doug were married in the summer of 2016 and wanted to start off their marriage with an adventure. They packed their bags and headed off to the BVI with Dean Cardinale and set sail!

The BVI interested Lyle & Doug with its clear blue waters swimming with sea life and the upbeat nightlife of the local bars and hotspots. Lyle says “The BVI is a great place to relax. The people were always friendly and helpful. It’s such a laid back atmosphere.” L&D would visit the islands to spend an evening laughing with the locals, then wake up the next morning to more new snorkeling adventures. Lyle says that she and her new husband started every morning by jumping off the boat into the water. She said she had never seen anything like it. Lyle described the BVI as the most incredible snorkeling experience of her life. She said that one of her favorite highlights was seeing all of the wildlife. The BVI has the most classic island scenery you can get. “The contrast between the mountainous islands and the clear blue water was beautiful.”

Lyle & Doug knew Dean through a family friend and made the decision to travel with WWTrek for their honeymoon. They wanted to make their trip perfect, and they wanted to get the most they could out of the BVI. Dean was just the man for the job. Lyle said that she felt very safe with Dean and having him be their guide and sea captain in the BVI was definitely a highlight. She describes Dean as “such a well-traveled man.” And Dean wanted to make sure that L&D understood the history as they were sailing in the BVI by telling them stories of the local heritage and landmarks. As any true traveler knows that the destination is just as important as its people and culture. “Dean knew all of the places and all of the best spots and he worked hard to get us there.”

We asked Lyle to talk about her favorite moments on her trip, and she started off by saying that sailing in the BVI was easily the best trip of their lives. She enjoyed snorkeling through the intricate caves and caverns and went on to say that there wasn’t a bad moment. Lyle said she would love to go on another trip with World Wide Trekking. “We had so many places to ourselves.” She said she’s told all of her friends about her time with us. Lyle enjoyed going to Monkey Point and swimming in the clear blue water. She said that had to be her favorite memory of the BVI.

“The BVI was such an adventure… the best time!

BVI sunsets

Sailing in the BVI

Lyle & Doug in the BVI

Sailing in the BVI

L&D sailing

Sailing in the BVI

BVI view