Happy Thanksgiving from World Wide Trekking and Human Outreach Project


Thanksgiving is the time of year when we slow down and look back on what we have to be thankful for. What comes to the forefront for us is all that we accomplished this year through our sister non-profit, Human Outreach Project. With the overwhelming support of our guests and donors, 2017 has been a year of immense growth and expansion of our humanitarian projects worldwide.

For World Wide Trekking, the best part of any adventure is having the chance to give back in a meaningful way to the places we visit. Since 2005, when Dean Cardinale first committed to helping the family of his good friend and climbing partner Ang Pasang after Pasang’s tragic death in an avalanche on Mt. Everest, Human Outreach Project has been expanding and helping people around the world. Now, we have projects on four continents, with thousands of lives reached and improved.

Himalayan Rescue Association Manang Medical Clinic

The Himalayas contain some of the most rugged, remote terrain on the planet, and if a climber, trekker, or local is injured there, the Himalayan Rescue Association may be their only chance of receiving medical care.

HOP has been supporting the organization’s mission for years with donations, but when we learned that their aid post in the remote village of Manang was majorly run-down, to the point of being nearly unusable, we funded the complete reconstruction of the aid post. Our efforts led to the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism taking note of the project and doubling our funding, taking on the reconstruction of the living quarters for visiting doctors. The aid post is now open to patients for the 2017 trekking season.

New Dorms at the KKC

The Kilimanjaro Kids Community is HOP’s proudest achievement. This orphanage sits on four acres at the base of Kilimanjaro, and houses 12 beautiful Tanzanian children. This year, we constructed new dorms, as well as a welcome center, and new cubbies. All of these projects were volunteer-led, and have greatly improved the quality of life for the KKC’s children.

Computer Centers in Peru

In two remote villages in Peru, Pashpa and Huaripampa, our guests helped us install Dell computers and Goal Zero solar packages. People who previously had virtually no connection to the modern world now have the means to learn computer skills and improve their futures. (Check out This Documentary about the Pashpa Computer Center project!)

HOP Outdoors

For many children in Salt Lake City, economic and social factors have kept the beautiful mountains inaccessible. This program removed many of those barriers and brought underprivileged youth in the Salt Lake Valley area hiking at Snowbird, Utah. It was an amazing summer of learning, fun, discovery, and many beautiful moments in the great outdoors, and we look forward to seeing this program grow over the coming years.

We are so grateful to all of our amazing guests, donors, and supporters. If you have been a part of World Wide Trekking or Human Outreach Project, you have helped to make all of this possible.