“Experiencing the places you read about, just actually being there us like a check off of your bucket list!”- Ces Guerra

Where Have Ces & Laura Been?

Ces and his wife Laura have traveled the world with WWTrek; they’ve been with us since the beginning. Their first trek was to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa in 2010, and they have been returning nearly every year since then to embark on more adventures together! Ces and Laura have been all over the world with us; in 2012 they trekked with us on the Inca Trail, leading to Machu Picchu in Peru. Next, in 2013, the couple came on a trek to Everest Basecamp in Nepal. The year after, they switched gears to a more tranquil and relaxing kind of world travel, sailing in the British Virgin Islands, and Ces says that he hopes to return to another point on the globe with us next year whether it be to Moab, Nepal, or again to Everest Base Camp to experience the incredible forms in nature all around the world. Ces holds his adventures close to his heart, and has many incredible experiences in his travels. He describes Mt. Kili to be his favorite memory traveling with us, “It was so cool to be on that volcano… That trek that stayed in our minds, every day, for months! The summit push was a phenomenal experience!” While in Peru, he was in awe of the mountains, ” They’re [the Andes] the Rocky Mountains on steroids, and the Himalayas are the Andes on steroids.”

Why WWTrek?

Ces and Laura have traveled enough to do it by themselves… But they don’t. They continue to return to WWTrek time and time again. Why? Ces says, “With Dean Cardinale, the treks have a high level of personalization, comfort, and convenience in such remote locations… Everything is always organized…The staff takes you to locations that I would have never found by myself, [In Peru] They set up our tents on a river bank with the hot springs on one side of us and the mountain range on the other. Dean and the crew always find a way to make the treks amazing, we love Dean!” “All of the trips are so inspiring, you’re so close to the local culture.” Ces and Laura love the groups that WWTrek organizes, “The group dynamics are important, so much positive energy, camaraderie, fellowship, and common interests.”

A Word From a Learned Man

“It’s important to experience nature with your feet on the ground… on the most beautiful trails in the world. Each trip has highlights, [with WWTrek] all you need to focus on is the adventure, nothing else. You’re never thinking about work. We asked Ces what his most impactful lesson he had learned was, he says that “We have it so good here.” as Americans, we don’t have to worry everyday about surviving and we take it for granted. In these distant places, we learn the most because it’s so different than our homes. It’s a new outlook on the world, one that can only be attained by travel and the sheer proximity to the people. There are places so different from home, but there is something more beautiful in every single step you take. Ces says he would “Be happy to stay in Namche.” a small village atop a rigorous hike up Namche Hill, in Nepal. The culture of Namche Bazzar is unlike anything else, it is developed more than many regions in Nepal, but it’s the last place on the way to Everest Base Camp that is relatively close to modern civilization. Namche has power and Wifi, but it’s also completely surrounded by small shops of handmade goods, monasteries, and glorious peaks, towering over the village, and if you’re in need of a filling or you need your tooth pulled, you’d better not go any farther, because Namche is also home to the world’s highest elevation dentist office which towers over 12,000′ above sea level. This dentist office now has reliable, renewable energy too, thanks to solar installations by the HOP team with WWTrek, and Goal Zero. “Mt. Everest is so far… so remote… so rewarding!”

“If you’re going alone that’s okay because there will be a group of people doing the same thing as you, so you won’t be lonely.”

Memorable Moments

Ces has had a lot of amazing experiences with his wife traveling with WWTrek to remote and incredible places, here he shares with us some of his most cherished moments from his adventures all around he world. On his sailing trip to the BVI he describes it as “Total R&R, it wasn’t rigorous, but we were still in nature.” Ces still finds himself coming back to the Mt. Kilimanjaro trek, his favorite moment was “Watching the sun rise on the edge of the huge crater on Kili” which he regards as “the most spectacular thing I’ve ever experienced…The sunrise from the edge of the earth at 19,000′ is AMAZING!… [on the midnight push for the summit] There were billions and billions of stars.”

“Whether you’re a traveler or a non-traveler going to one of these exotic places, go with World Wide Trekking, WWTrek takes the guess work out if it; you can just enjoy the location, the trek, the nature. I want to do more!”