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Birthday in the BVI

Birthday in the BVI

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Stunning beauty, relaxed sailing, and endless activities surround you in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Whether traveling with a group of friends, in couples or as a family, this trek will be flawlessly suited to you, as it is fully customizable for each group. Offering a wide selection of boats, World Wide Trekking (WWTrek) can accommodate varying group sizes, cabin needs, and sailing abilities. This trip is usually scheduled for late February or early March, the perfect time to follow the trade winds and escape the long winter. Our Founder and Lead Guide, Dean Cardinale, recently spent a few weeks Captaining a yacht for two incredible groups. One of our guests, Ally, celebrated her thirtieth birthday sailing around Anegada; here is a brief recount of her family’s time sailing the Caribbean that will answer many of the questions you may have about this experience.

Starting with what truly matters, is the yacht comfortable?! Yes. Once I got my “sea legs” I felt very comfortable moving about the yacht, helping Captain Dean with the mooring ball coming into the harbor, and melted over the baby sea turtles popping up to check out the yacht. The sleeping quarters were relaxing and comfortable, and the excitement of waking up at a new destination each morning made it even more special. The boat had plenty of space to relax in the sun and shade, and the sailing was incredible.

 What was the most enjoyable activity your group participated in on this trip? I particularly enjoyed the midday excursions that consisted of anchoring at a mooring ball and going for a swim or snorkel. Being able to jump off the yacht and swim to Sandy Cay was one of the best excursions we went on. We also spent a few lunches in the different harbors, we would dingy ashore to visit shops and pick up supplies– this was an excellent way to experience more places during our trip!

  Sticking to the fun stuff, what were your top highlights from the trip? It might sound obvious, but the sailing was really special. Being aboard a yacht like we were, being able to sit over the ocean on netting and feel the ocean spray as we sailed was incredible. I also celebrated my thirtieth birthday on Anegada enjoying fresh grilled Caribbean lobster on the beach. Does it get any better than that?

What was the most spontaneous part of your trip? Our swim to Sandy Cay beach, and when we decided to jump into an ocean of 3-4 ft. Tarpon fish after dinner. It was such a rush swimming with them!

Do you have any advice for the next guests signing up for this trip? I would recommend bringing reef-friendly sunscreen to help protect our reefs! I was thankful to have a rashguard for snorkeling and swimming because the sun was strong, and there is a high likelihood of burning. I would also bring a pair of water shoes for the, very occasional, rocky beach! One thing we loved about this trip is that it can be as laid back or adventurous as you want it to be, one of the best things for a quiet night in is a deck of playing cards! My family had the trip of a lifetime with WWTrek, I’d recommend them to anyone thinking of planning any kind of adventure! We felt safe and stress-free for the trip and can’t wait to travel again with WW Trekking!

We are so appreciative of guests like Ally who are willing to share their experiences with others. The guest experience is the most important thing to us, second to safety, and being able to share the guest’s perspective will hopefully help you feel more comfortable exploring us as your adventure travel outfitter.



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