We Are Taking Action and On Our Way to Sustainability!

Measure > Manage > Reduce > Offset

Here at World Wide Trekking we are well on our way toward Carbon neutral. As we take steps to measure our carbon footprint, we are identifying ways to manage and reduce our CO2 emissions. We are Taking ACTION and moving forward with plans to help offset our emissions and leave a lighter footprint in the communities we travel through. We are passionate about sustainable tourism and we are implementing a program to offer carbon offsets to inspire responsible traveling.
OUR PLANET … WE Guide it, YOU Trek it … Let’s take care of it together!

Lighten Your Travel Footprint

WWTrek is currently measuring each of our treks CO2 emissions. We are creating a plan to offer a Forestry Offset Program to our guests that will help them leave a lighter carbon footprint as they enjoy traveling the plant responsibly.

World Wide Trekking / Human Outreach Project

Forestry Offset Program

World Wide Trekking (WWTrek) and the Human Outreach Project (HOP) has teams in place on 3 continents that are preparing for tree planting projects to offset our carbon emissions. These projects create much needed jobs in the local communities outside of the tourism industry. Our teams will remain in place to guarantee the trees continue to grow and offset our emissions year after year. Planting trees in areas of National Parks, Schools, and protected lands, our projects offer a high probability for these trees to live a long life. On average, a typical hardwood tree absorbs around 20 kilograms (.02 MT) of CO2 per year, with fluctuations based on the age of the tree and where it is located. As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The oxygen that the trees produce is a positive side effect of this carbon sequestering. While the tree continues to grow, it keeps converting CO2 so it can grow tall and strong, and it just keeps helping to offset our carbon footprint for years to come.