Tips from our expert guides on how to succeed on any high-altitude treks.

10. Protect yourself from the sun. The high-altitude sun can burn your skin easily; don’t forget a sun hat, sunglasses, lip balm, and sunblock.

9. Think and breathe. Blow out through pursed lips and breathe slowly and steadily; when the air is thin you have to be conscious of your breathing.

8. Rest and Relax. Sleeping can be difficult at high altitudes. Bring a good quality sleeping bag, and we will provide The North Face® tents.

7. Preventative medicine. On our high-altitude treks we recommend that our trekkers take a daily dose of Diamox, usually 125mg at breakfast and dinner. This helps you adjust to altitude, avoid potential headaches, and sleep better. Your guide will check in with you each morning and make notes in your private page in our medical journal.

6. Be resourceful. We will brief you each day to prepare you for changing conditions and what to expect during your adventure. Our expert guides are one of the reasons we have such a high success rate on our high-altitude treks.

5. Make a good plan. Our itineraries are set up with acclimatization in mind, we move slowly up the mountain to give you the best chance at summit success!

4. Good nutrition. Feeding your body is key on any trek. Our menus are full of nutritious and delicious choices.

3. Have the right gear. Having the proper gear will allow you to focus on the joy of the trek, and meet its challenges. When you sign up for any of our treks, we will consult with you on your gear.

2. Hydrate. Your body needs an extra 1.5 litres (about 50 oz.) of water when you are trekking at altitudes above 8,000 ft. Consider bringing your favorite drink supplement to make drinking water more enjoyable along the trail.