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Human Outreach Project 2020 Annual Report

annual report 2020 HOP

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The year 2020 will go down in the books like no other, for everyone throughout the world. International travel came to a halt, and time essentially stopped for some. The unprecedented pandemic has been severely impactful on a global scale, and the totality of repercussions are still uncertain, but it’s fair to say we’ve all learned a lot. This year forced us at Human Outreach Project and World Wide Trekking to get creative, and we truly feel stronger as an organization. We’re particularly proud to have maintained support and care for our global teams, families, and projects, with special thanks to our valued HOP donors.

Although times have been tough, and there have been a number of twists and turns we’ve all had to navigate, it’s been a special treat being able to continue our efforts towards our Human Outreach Project programs and communities during a time they need it most. Within all of our efforts, it is important that we are present in good times, and hunker down during storms to ensure we continue moving forward. Thank you to all of our HOP donors for making our efforts possible. Your kindness is felt by many!

View the full report of HOP’s projects, progress, goals, and sponsorship opportunities:


Over the 14 years since the Human Outreach Project (HOP) began, I have watched this organization grow in ways I could never have imagined. From a simple wish to help people and communities in the areas we visit on our treks, HOP has grown into an international endeavor, taking on larger and more ambitious projects around the world.

In Tanzania, Nepal, and Peru, we continue to expand our on-going projects, providing resources, guidance, and laying the groundwork for future growth. I was proud to see, as I communicated with program managers and HOP ambassadors at our project sites across the globe this past year, that our efforts are not only running smoothly, but flourishing and gaining momentum as we empower local individuals and communities.

As our impact has spread around the globe, we’ve also turned our sights closer to home. In 2019, we initiated two new projects here at our home base in Utah. Both of those projects more than doubled in size and scale. I am excited and proud to see what we have accomplished so close to home, and humbled at the support our local community has shown for these projects.

As HOP continues to grow here and around the world, I never forget the trust and support of our generous donors. There is no greater fulfillment than the experience of connecting, of caring, of giving back to others – and none of it would be possible without our donors, to whom I express my deepest gratitude.


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