Thanks to our passionate supporters, donors, and volunteers, World Wide Trekking’s sister non-profit, Human Outreach Project, has been growing in leaps and bounds! We currently sustain 19 projects in 4 countries and touch the lives of thousands.

As our international projects have grown, we are also expanding our efforts here in the USA, with four “Friendraiser” events across the nation. We invite you to join us in New York, Wisconsin, Chicago, and San Francisco for an evening of cocktails and mingling, a silent auction, and a presentation from WWTrek/HOP Founder Dean Cardinale. Get the detailed event schedules, locations, and RSVP links here!

At these Friendraisers, we will be celebrating HOP’s accomplishments in 2018, and looking ahead to 2019. We have some big goals for next year, and they are only possible with the help of our supporters!


Looking back at 2018

2018 saw the completion of our Guest House at the Kilimanjaro Kids Community. We are now able to hosts guests and volunteers directly on-site, in a beautifully designed and landscaped building with stunning views of Kilimanjaro.

We also renewed our commitment to provide school lunches for the 2018/2019 school year to the 950+ students at Makuyuni Primary School. The Mama na m’Toto Women’s Empowerment Group, which HOP has supported since 2016, is now nearly self-sufficient, selling traditional Tanzanian batik clothing out of their storefront in the town of Mto wa’Mbu.

2019 Goals

In the summer of 2019, we plan to host the first of many large groups at the KKC’s Guest House. These guests will have an incredible chance to learn and be part of our community, while working on voluntourism projects around the KKC.

At Makuyuni Primary School, HOP is in the preliminary stages of a project that will pipe running water to the school. With the completion of this project, staff and students will have vastly improved sanitary conditions, as well as the potential to start a garden project to provide extra nutrients to the children. We are also excited to help grow the Women’s Empowerment group’s business by assisting with setting up a dedicated website to market their fabric outside of town.


Looking back at 2018

Partnering with the Himalayan Rescue Association and the Nepalese Department of Tourism, HOP has completed the Manang Medical Clinic, along the popular Annapurna trekking route. The clinic is open and accepting patients, although there is still much to be done!

This spring, Dean checked in on the communities of Juving and Khari Khola, where HOP installed solar equipment in 2016, to find that the solar equipment is still in great condition and is used often. In addition, the 10 laptop computers installed at Juving Secondary School are being used to teach computer classes 2-3 times a week.

As Everest Base Camp season gets going, we are preparing for three upcoming treks that will stop at Namche Dental Clinic to deliver duffel bags full of dental supplies.

2019 Goals

After the success of the Juving computer lab, we hope to create a similar lab at the nearby Khari Khola school. The school currently has very old and poorly-functioning computers, and we hope to equip them with 10 new laptops.

With basic construction complete on the Manang Medical Clinic, we are moving on to the next phase, which involves finishing the visiting doctors’ and volunteer living quarters, and finishing all clinic rooms.


Looking back at 2018

This August, HOP representatives and volunteers returned to the Pashpa Computer Center and Huaripampa Computer Center to install an educational program called RACHEL World Possible and train local teachers on its use. This project was a huge success, and we are excited to see how enthusiastic the teachers are about the educational possibilities this opens up to their students. We are also planning to continue hosting the end-of-the-year Chocolatada festivals in both Pashpa and Huaripampa.

2019 Goals

Although the village of Huaripampa has power lines, electricity is intermittent and not widely available. The school currently has just one power outlet which all computers must run off of, making consistent use difficult. Our next goal in Peru will be to bring solar power to Huaripampa school, providing lighting for classrooms and reliable power for the computer lab.


Looking back at 2018

This year, HOP Outdoors grew from running 14 trips with 67 students to 28 trips with 231 students. We are so proud of the growth of this program in just its second year!

This holiday season, we will be continuing our Veterans Outreach Project, which brings meal supplies to veterans in need throughout the Salt Lake Valley. We will also continue the new Kids Christmas program, providing holiday gifts for the children of local families in need.

2019 Goals

We plan to continue operating three HOP Outdoors trips a week during the summer of 2019. This past summer we piloted a spring after-school program, and we hope to expand on the success of that program with spring and fall HOP Outdoors trips in 2019.

If you support our mission, and want to learn more, join us at the Friend Raiser nearest you! Please RSVP via the links below.