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Matterhorn to Mont Blanc Adventure | Getting Prepared

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Our breathtaking Matterhorn to the Mont Blanc Adventure will deeply immerse you in European culture as you travel to iconic alpine villages throughout Switzerland, Italy, and France. This adventure features captivating views of glaciers, crystal lakes, waterfalls, steep valleys, and the pristine mountains of the European Alps. From lift-assisted hikes each day to spending your nights in traditional European mountain villages, you will feel as though you are in an alpine fairy tale. Utilizing the European mountain lift system will allow us to maximize how much terrain we can explore while enjoying iconic alpine villages. Preparing for an adventure like this is the key to a successful, enjoyable trek!

There are three main items we suggest you follow along with to prepare for your adventure with us: Fitness and Nutrition Training Guides, Gear/Packing Lists, and our YouTube Playlists. Our World Wide Trekking YouTube Channel offers mountainside footage, timelapse hiking videos (that allow you to hike Kilimanjaro in a matter of minutes!), insight on our campsites, dining options, bathrooms, and a lot of really interesting tips/tricks that will allow you to feel comfortable before embarking on your adventure challenge. These are excellent resources to learn more about your adventure, gain comfort in what to expect in your travel, and get a taste of the eye-catching scenery you will be soaking up in person. There are playlists created for each destination as well as fitness training videos to help you physically prepare for travel.

Physically preparing for your trek is guaranteed to help you have a more successful and enjoyable time. For each of our treks, we offer YouTube videos that showcase each exercise included in our Fitness Training Program as well as downloadable Fitness and Nutrition Guides. World Wide Trekking collaborated with a local Fitness Instructor to curate Fitness and Nutrition Training Guides for our treks that offer easy-to-follow programs to get you in proper physical shape for your adventure. These services are free to guests who have signed up for a trek, included in your group’s personalized Trip Detail Site is a passcode to access the PDF versions of the programs. Making sure to properly fuel your body, and physically prepare it are two key ways to enhance your Matterhorn to Mont Blanc experience.

The third, and arguably most important thing to help you prepare for your trek is the Gear and Packing Lists. These have been carefully curated by our Founder and Lead Guide, Dean Cardinale. Dean has spent ample time completing the treks offered and knows firsthand what is needed along the journey, his expertise has allowed him to create detailed gear and packing lists, along with videos to help explain the items and their purpose fully. Following these guides helps ensure you won’t overpack while simultaneously assure you have everything you will need throughout your time in Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Preparing for your trek through the Alps helps improve your overall experience, that’s why World Wide Trekking makes it easy! From our easy-to-follow Training Guides to our Packing Lists and Trek Videos, there are numerous resources to help guide you along your pre-trip journey. As your Adventure Travel Partner, we are always striving to improve your experience and help you to prepare as best we can. And remember… be sure to get prepared for your European Alps Trek!

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