The History of World Wide Trekking

Our story is one full of passion for people, a drive to improve the lives of others, and a keen attention to the details of luxury adventure travel.

Our founder, Dean Cardinale, has a lifelong connection to the mountains. After learning to ski in Catskill, New York, he moved to Salt Lake City and earned a spot on ski patrol at Snowbird Ski Resort.

Not only did Dean fall in love with mountaineering and travel – summiting dozens of major peaks, including Mount Everest in 2005 – he also fell in love with the rewards of helping others push themselves beyond their self-imposed limits. When he began guiding in his twenties, he found a passion and mission beyond personal summits.

In 2007, determined to create the perfect travel experience for each guest, Dean founded World Wide Trekking, which has since expanded to a thriving international company. Headquartered at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, the company now consists of permanent staff and dozens of contractors and guides around the world.

From the very beginning, World Wide Trekking was built around the core principles of safety, luxury, and giving back.

Dean has spent over 25 years perfecting his ability to identify and manage risk in some of the world’s most hostile environments, and this experience has informed every trip World Wide Trekking has guided.

We recognize that it’s the little things throughout a trip that create a luxury experience. We’ve partnered with the top providers in each location to ensure that we are carrying out Dean’s vision of offering some of the greatest adventures without sacrificing luxury and attention to detail.

World Wide Trekking’s history and mission are tightly linked to that of our sister nonprofit, Human Outreach Project (HOP). Founded in 2006, HOPgrew from Dean’s desire to give back the communities he passed through on his adventures.  It has grown to include nearly 2 dozen long-term projects across four continents.

Now in our 12th year in operation, World Wide Trekking continues to grow and help guests plan their dream adventures around the globe.

“Your leadership, attention to detail, and foresight are incredible! Reading your bio before the trip made me comfortable in trusting you and your staff.”

Kevin LuntEverest Base Camp

“Your kindness and attention to detail have truly made this a trip of a lifetime. Thanks again for a wonderful trek.”

Mary & Dean DietrichKilimanjaro & Safari

“The WWTrek team engages the best guides, provides the best food, assembles the best equipment and attends to every aspect of the always-changing conditions.”

Donald J. D’AmicoMD Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology Weill Cornell Medical College

“I have never been on a trip where the group meshed so well, really making it one of the best experiences of my life. The WWTrek team went above and beyond all of my expectations.”

Taylor ProffTanzania Voluntourism Westminster College

“From our initial contact by phone, to our experience on the mountain, EVERYTHING was first class.”

Dr. Tom BlakeKilimanjaro & Safari