The Strumillos Climbing Kilimanjaro – Guest Spotlight

“As the moon set and the sun came up; the feeling of accomplishment was overwhelming.”

Rob Strumillo and his family went to Tanzania, Africa to climb the infamous dormant volcano, Kilimanjaro. They chose WWTrek because they had been on a trek with us before and he said that he would “Highly recommend [World Wide Trekking] for families or adventure seekers.” Rob says to “Do it the Dean way… He hand picks the best.” The Strumillos went to summit Kili in the summer of 2016 for a family adventure in Africa. He remembers it as a great bonding experience, with Rob stating, “I loved being with my family all the time, disconnected, no phones, just us and the mountain”. He really felt that the trip brought their family closer together and says that training together motivated them for the trip! He recalls looking up at the stars with his family and seeing the Milky Way, “We have so many unique family memories!”

Jumping for joy on Kili!

Trekking through the green on Kili

Rob & family trekking






I asked Rob about some of his favorite moments on his trip, any time he could remember when he was full of joy, and he told me that they spotted ⅘ of the Big 5 safari animals, and that it was in Tanzania where he had the freshest coffee in the world. Upon asking about his favorite moment on Kili he said, “It was the hardest day of my life, no question.” resulting in the utmost satisfaction and joy when he and his family reached the summit point together at sunrise at 19,341′. Rob said he was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment.

Tents on Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro – Tanzania, Africa






The Strumillos have been not only to Kilimanjaro with us but the British Virgin Islands (BVI) as well. We hope to have them back for another adventure on the other side of the world!