Glen Sturm

Kilimanjaro & Everest Base Camp

“It has been my pleasure to undertake two guided adventures with World Wide Trekking, Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp. On both trips, every aspect of the trip was thoroughly planned and optimally provided. Not only was every possible contingency accounted for, but every single person from Dean to the Sherpas and porters were spirited, pleasant, helpful and fascinating. Simply put, I will not undertake another adventure unless it is under the proven guidance of World Wide Trekking.”

Beth Crawford

Machu Picchu

“The Andes Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. I heard Quechua being spoken, hiked on ancient Incan trails and slept in a tent close enough to the base of Salkantay to hear avalanches. I’d do it all again tomorrow.”

Jake Monahan, age 12

Family Safari

“The wildlife is amazing and so are the guides. I also loved the pasta and hot chocolate
(which I had 2 of every morning!)”

Jean Tabin


“Our family and friends climbed Kilimanjaro with World Wide Trekking. This included my then 11 and 14-year old. WWTrek did a great job and we all made it, safe and sound! I also appreciated being able to see the orphanage that was almost completed, that Dean was working on. I hope to be able to do another adventure sometime soon!”

Victor Shapiro

Annapurna Bike Tour

“The trip was amazing in every way. Geljen is a wonderful guide and fantastic representative of World Wide Trekking.
Everything WWT put together for us, and under the watchful, friendly eye of Geljen, was everything we could ask for.”

Clint & Lesley Arnoldus

African Safari

“We never thought it possible to combine luxury with wildness until we went on our safari with World Wide Trekking. Everything from the accommodations, food, and the expertise of our guide, Comfort, was first class. We saw touching and hilarious elephant family interactions, an enormous 27-member lion pride lounging on a kopje, a leopard pulling its kill up a tree, and more. Africa is breathtaking and World Wide Trekking knows how to make sure it is experienced to its utmost.”

Lisa Zaddock Crandall

Nepal Voluntourism

“We went with World Wide Trekking on a humanitarian/hiking trip to Nepal. We had a totally amazing experience. The hiking pace was perfect, we went at a good clip with plenty of rest and tea stops. At all times, we felt safe and cared for. The thing I appreciated most was watching the good relationship between the US-based team and the Sherpa team. Thanks WWT for a great trip and we hope to join you again in the future!”

Dr. Marty Schnell

British Virgin Islands Sailing

“I recently had the opportunity to take a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands with World Wide Trekking. We all had opportunity to sail the boat and they attended to our every need. My every expectation was met and much, much more. If you love the water and don’t like big crowds this is the trip for you. You wont be disappointed.”

Deb Rowley


“I am so grateful to have experienced the mountain, your staff, office, and everything this trip provides. I will always remember this climb.”

Art & Priscilla Ulene

Kilimanjaro & Cotopaxi

“Art and I can’t begin to thank you for our wonderful adventure. We continue to look at each other in disbelief when we realize that we actually got to the summit. It wouldn’t have happened without your encouragement and guidance.”

The Kleins


“Without your calm, steady spirit and technical knowledge, neither of us would have been able to reach the top.”

Jerry & Helen Jeschke


“What a magnificent experience. We were impressed with everything on the climb. We can never thank you enough for the above and beyond treatment we received. We hope to join you again on another trip.”


Tanzania Voluntourism

“I can hardly believe it’s time to say goodbye to the group and to Tanzania. The entire journey has been a fantastic experience.”

Larry Goldie


“Thanks for everything on the trip. I hope our paths cross again in the future–I have a feeling they will!”

MCE Conferences

“Thank you for always making our medical conference more interesting by sharing your adventure stories with us.”

Donald J. D’Amico

MD Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology Weill Cornell Medical College

“The WWTrek team engages the best guides, provides the best food, assembles the best equipment and attends to every aspect of the always-changing conditions.”

Sue J. Goldie Director

Center for Health Decision Science Harvard School of Public Health

“The WWTrek team have personal attributes
of professional integrity and honesty that are unparalleled, and a meticulous work ethic.”

Sib & Randy Quayle

Machu Picchu

“We especially appreciate that you took care of us, before and after the scheduled trip. You made this trip a true highlight in our lives.”

The Mendiolas

Kilimanjaro & Safari

“It was a dream to make it to the top of Kilimanjaro, and with your help that dream was realized! As a bonus we had a wonderful safari. A great trip with a great company.”

Denny Monahan, age 8

Family Safari

“Comfort was really nice and told us really cool facts. He pointed out stuff that no one else could see. Dean was awesome and really nice too! I liked it because I got to go on the trip with Dean, who is the leader.”

Christine Parrish

Machu Picchu Hikes

“I can’t stop thinking about my trekking adventure to Machu Picchu…the mountains, Peruvian culture, glaciers, flowers, our guides, the coffee and food, climbing and climbing, amazing lodges, everything exceptional and detailed service. What is difficult to explain are the emotions of this experience…trekking to Machu Picchu and seeing this amazing lost city. Thanks, World Wide Trekking! I look forward to another trip with this organization!”

Michelle Johnson

Machu Picchu Hikes

“We had an amazing experience with the best guides ever, both from Peru and the US!”

Debbie Whipple

Machu Picchu

“Cusco, the Sacred Valley and ruins at Ollantaytambo, Chinchero and Mollepata came to life as we walked the streets and interacted with the Peruvian people. The most astonishing and memorable part of this journey were the Mountain Lodges. These incredibly luxurious lodges overwhelmed me. The food, the accommodations, and the vistas were unbelievable. I can tell you that coming upon these “castles’ after a day of trekking was truly a treasure. To sit in the middle of the Peruvian landscape, away from civilization, and be served a three-course meal on the mountain side was mind boggling. I felt like royalty.”

Gray Simmonds

Machu Picchu

“I can honestly say the trip exceeded mine and my wife’s expectations for every facet of the trip – the guides, transportation, accommodations, food, trekking, excursions, etc. All so amazing!! I already have some people inquiring about our trip so I will definitely be recommending they book World Wide Trekking.”

Charles Forman

Kilimanjaro & Safari

“I just want to say thank you again for a great Kili experience; and your company and team are the best on the mountain! I look forward to a long friendship.”

Sheila & Richard Schlesinger

Family Safari

“First of all, thank you for a PERFECT trip. The boys had an extraordinary experience where they learned so much about Tanzania, saw more than 26 varieties of animals and most importantly, learned about how these animals live and behave. They also learned more than a dozen words and expressions in Swahili! Again, thank you for a life-changing experience. We look forward to seeing you on future adventures together.”

Will & Mellisa Waller


“Wow, we made it! Thank you very much for being such a great guide and getting us to the top. It’s great to see you and your team do something that you love so much.”

Lee Ann Vogel Lewis

Kilimanjaro & Everest Base Camp

“Words cannot describe how great the trip was and how all of your efforts made it exceptional!”

Kevin Lunt

Everest Base Camp

“Your leadership, attention to detail, and foresight are incredible! Reading your bio before the trip made me comfortable in trusting you and your staff.”

John Segal


“Thanks for a great adventure and a job of leadership well done.”


Tanzania Voluntourism

“The balance between taking the mountain and the work site seriously and still having fun was just right. This came down to your ability to keep everything under control and still keep the atmosphere nice and relaxed.
I’m really glad that I could play at least a small role in the early stages of the orphanage.”

Mary & Dean Dietrich

Kilimanjaro & Safari

“Your kindness and attention to detail have truly made this a trip of a lifetime. Thanks again for a wonderful trek.”

Mark Herbick

Young President’s Organization

“The expectations of a YPO member are very high, and WWTrek never fails to meet and exceed those expectations”

Ces & Laura Guerra

Everest Base Camp, Machu Picchu, & Kilimanjaro LSU Alumni

“We have been on many fun adventure trips over the years, but the three trips we have taken with World Wide Trekking have met and exceeded our wildest expectations!”

Taylor Proff

Tanzania Voluntourism Westminster College

“I have never been on a trip where the group meshed so well, really making it one of the best experiences of my life. The WWTrek team went above and beyond all of my expectations.”

Ruben Gonzalez

Four-time Olympian, Keynote Speaker | Kilimanjaro & Safari

“As an Olympic athlete, I understand the importance of having a great coach. Dean Cardinale was the ideal coach for our group when we climbed Kilimanjaro. He made our experience absolutely unforgettable!”

Dr. Tom Blake

Kilimanjaro & Safari

“From our initial contact by phone, to our experience on the mountain, EVERYTHING was first class.”