Torres Del Paine National Park – Top Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss!

Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile is one of the most iconic and breathtaking places to visit in Patagonia. The park’s 700 square miles offer endless opportunities to explore the vast wilderness, endless ice fields, and soaring mountains ranges that make this part of Patagonia so magical. We’ve put together a list of must-do activities during your visit to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the highlights!

See the Famous Towers

The “Torres Del Paine” after which the park is named are three sharp granite towers rising over 2,000 ft above the floor of the valley.  The Cuernos del Paine, with their dramatic contrast between grey granite walls and black shale tops, offer another stunning landmark within the park. If you have time to do only one thing during your stay in the park, it should be to make sure you get clear views of these magnificent towers.

The “W” Trek

One of the most famous and beautiful multi-day treks in the world, this one is a must for anyone with a love of mountains and nature. The trek takes you deep into two valleys surrounded by the famous mountains of Torres Del Paine, with multiple campsites and refugios along the way to rest your head and your feet. You can do the trek in 3 days, or take your time and extend it longer.

Visit Glaciar Grey

Part of the second largest ice field outside of the polar regions, Glaciar Grey is a sight to behold. Boats or kayaks can take you right up to its icy walls, and guided expeditions can take you venturing out onto the top of the 11 mile expanse of the Glacier. However you choose to see the glacier, the spellbinding glow of light filtering through the ice and the massive expanse of what is, unbelievable, one of the “smaller” glaciers in the ice field, are sure to linger with you.

Visit Magdalena Island Penguin Colony

Magdalena Island hosts one of the largest Penguin Colonies in the world, with up to 150,000 penguins inhabiting the island. Other sea birds, such as albatross, Cormorants, and South American Terns, can also be spotted on the island. A short, comfortable boat ride brings you to where you can view, and even interact, with these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Kayak Torres Del Paine’s Glacial Lakes and Rivers

With its crystal blue, glacier-fed lakes, Torres Del Paine National Park is a serene and surreal place to venture out onto the water. From single-day kayaking trips out to the edge a glacier and back, to multi-day expeditions down the Rio Serrano, there are lots of options.  Even if kayaking isn’t for you, you can still get out onto the waters with charter boats. They can take you to many of the same places in a fraction of the time.


No matter how you choose to explore Torres Del Paine National Park, one thing is for sure: a visit here is the trip of a lifetime!