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Utah Family Adventures – Plan for 2021!

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The year 2020 was unlike any other, for almost everyone! Unable to operate our signature international trips, we pivoted to improve our already popular Southern Utah: Mighty Five National Parks trip. It’s been an absolute blast hosting families from around the country – some that have traveled with World Wide Trekking in the past, and some that were new to our trips – in our very own backyard! From the unique desert terrain, to the rich Native American, Wild West and pioneer history, Southern Utah offers a special experience for every age.

The trip is perfect for all levels of hiking abilities

Our local expert guides know the very best trail options (including the trails most other people don’t know about!), and arrange each day’s hiking adventure based on guest interests. For groups larger than 6 people, we can easily highlight two different routes for varying levels, and we always regroup mid-trail or at the end! 

We explore all five Utah National Parks!

Most people have heard of Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches National Parks, but very few people have heard much about Canyonlands, and especially Capitol Reef. It’s always fun to reminisce about trip highlights on the last day, and we find the two lesser-known parks often end up being favorites! We hardly see other hikers on these park trails, which contributes to the serenity felt hiking through the vastly remote and epic terrain. 

We also explore gems in-between! 

Another favorite highlight among guests has been our day hike through stunning and narrow slot canyons in the San Rafael Swell.

During the summer months, our day rafting down the Colorado River is an exciting and scenic way to further explore the red canyon walls. 

Travel and sleep in comfort!

On every one of our trips, we aim for the absolute best to assure our guests have the most comfortable and memorable experience. In Southern Utah, there is no exception! We use spacious vehicles, like our 15-passenger Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, and always have everything that could possibly be needed in our fully-stocked kitchen trailer (snacks and refreshing beverages are always on hand). We’ve chosen the most comfortable and conveniently located lodging in each location, with local charm and character as a priority. Hike and play all day, and dream comfortably all night! Meals have been a highlight for guests, as we create scrumptious specialties for breakfast, fun and filling packed lunches, and either BBQ (often using a signature dutch oven) for dinner to enjoy our epic surroundings, or dine at a local favorite restaurant.

The history is beyond rich!

We visit various ghost towns, where the old schoolhouses and cemetery headstones tell stories all on their own. Pioneers that made the long journey to Utah by covered wagons in the 1800s sketched their names into rock walls (sometimes with bullet holes!), which we see while hiking a historic road – the only road at the time, and not one for the faint of heart. Our guides explain differences known about the many ancient petroglyphs and pictographs seen throughout the trip, left by varying tribes, some said to date back as far as 8000 years ago. We even get up close and personal with ancient dinosaur tracks! Imagine sharing the trail with such large prehistoric creatures… Or the bandits that made the Wild West famous, like Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Butch Cassidy – it’s easy to envision their likely hideout spots as we hike on rock instead of dirt (no footprints left there!). 

Seasonal specialties! 

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all offer their own magic in Southern Utah. Spring brings blooming flowers from the winter’s snowmelt, and moderate temperatures to hike in. Summer gives us warm weather that inspires water play, and long days to enjoy delicious BBQ dinners as we watch sunset and the stars emerge. In Fall, the temperatures start to drop as color-changing trees beautifully contrast against the red rock. And winter adds a stunning snow-white contrast to the vibrant red rock, making the area a photographer’s dream. 

Great for family Spring Break and Summer Vacation!

We’ve scheduled trips to operate Saturday to Saturday, to make it easier for working parents and students to easily get away. But we can always arrange custom dates, including an additional day exploring the north rim of the Grand Canyon as an optional extension. 

Come join us!

We would love to share secrets of Southern Utah with you in 2021!

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